Hurja Piruetti will be starting circus classes in September in Karjaa.

Groups will be divided by age groups, starting from the age of 4. In circus classes we will get to know the basics of acrobatics and the different elements and equipment of circus. We will also focus on the essential coordination, strength and flexibility training. Circus and acrobatics classes support other dance styles, too, increasing body control via coordination and balance training, as well as contributing to improving mobility, flexibility and expression. The first circus class takes place on Tuesday 3rd September 2019. Welcome to the circus!

Hurja Piruetti (FI) and Dansbryggeriet´s (DK) young dancers have created a dance production Static Equilibrium with choreographer Mette Overgaard. Piece was originally created to Young Movers Nordic Circus and Dance Youth Festival Stockholm in August 2018. The dance production accepted also to Australian Youth Dance Festival. In that production will be seven dancers from Finland and two from Denmark. The festival will take place at Melbourne 7.-12th July 2019.


Co-operation with Dansbryggeriet started already 2 years ago with the project called Dans-elfie Crisscross in The North. During 1-year long "Northern reach" project dancers from Iceland, Denmark and Finland created a piece called Encounters. Premier was at Edinburg Culture Center Iceland 12th may 2018. You can also see the clip about our project in

"Encounters is a documentary short film, giving a glimpse of a collaboration between three Nordic countries. The project behind the film - titled “Dans-elfie” - first began almost one year ago. During the course of the project, Finnish, Danish and Icelandic youth have gathered three times in three countries, exploring three themes: Encounters, Touch, and Friendship. Based on these themes, a 30-minute piece was created and performed on the 12th of May in Edinburg Culture Center, Iceland."


We are excited to announce our facilitators for AYDF 2019:
Gerard Van Dyck (KAGE), Isabella Stone (Co3 Youth Ensemble, Tasdance), Katja Köngäs (Hurja Piruetti, Finland) and Daniel Riley (Ilbijerri Theatre Company).

More to be announced, watch this space!

  Five days of moving, creating, sharing and learning.

Hurja Piruetti dancers won Dance Grand Prix Italy 2019 prize to Finland!


Around 50 Hurja Piruetti dancers participated with great results to Dance Grand Prix Italy 2019.  In the competition participated almost 500 dancers, over 100 choreographies all over the world.  

"Our dancers saw many intresting choreographies from South Africa, Canada, Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, UK, Italy and Sweden. Our main goal was also network and we shared Moomin characters to many new dance friends as well as participated to classical ballet and contemporary dance workshops and visited in world´s 5th smallest country San Marino."


Hurja Piruetin Ladyt 2. sija (Charasteristic dance)

Silver –ryhmä 1. sija (Lyrical dance)

Nykytanssiryhmä 1. sija (Contemporary dance)

Dance Grand Prix Italy Hurja Piruetti 

Our choreographers were Ulla Koho, Janna Westerlund, Sathis Hettithanthri and Katja Köngäs.




One month countdown has begun!
Dansebryggeriet (DK) and Hurja Piruetti (FI) will be part of Youth Dance Festival Ausdance Victoria in july.
Check the videoclip:
Artistic direction: Mette Overgaard og Marlene Bonnesen.
Video: Olivia Brophy

Continuing students can sign up for the new term 2019-2020 starting from 21st May 2019, and new students from 1st June 2019. The continuing students have received their new schedules and class recommendations during the last classes this spring. Check your class schedule and sign up via the link below:

Please note that signing up is only possible after 21.5.2019 for continuing students, and after 1.6.2019 for new students.

Each student (including the continuing ones) must sign up via the electronic system. If the sign up is not completed, a place cannot be reserved. You will receive an email confirmation regarding the chosen group(s) after signing up. Should you have any questions regarding class and group suitability, you can get in touch via email

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note that teachers may even after term start recommend more suitable classes if they see that the class level is too easy or too difficult for the student.

Autumn term starts on 12th August 2019.


Join us on the dance floor!



Hurja Piruettis spring festival soon on stage!


Tickets available now from och Luckan (Torikatu 3, 10300 Karis, tel. 044 0170176).