Shared rules make everyone's days more enjoyable


Be punctual

Being late to class is actually kind of a big deal. Since warm-up exercises are designed to help the dancer’s muscles (and tendons/ligaments) prepare for the demands of the class, you risk getting an injury if you miss the warm-up.

Jewels and valuables

Leave jewels, watches and other valuables at home so that you do not lose or break them during the classes.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones should be switched off or on silent mode during the classes. 


Bags can be taken into the studio for the duration of the class.


Hair should be fastened in a way that keeps it off your face. 

 Dress code

Wear clothing and shoes suitable for dancing.


According to the teacher's instructions.

Unified leotards according to the teacher's instructions. Ballet shoes: soft shoes and pointe shoes according to the teacher's instructions.

Clothing suitable for moving, bare feet.

Comfortable clothing suitable for moving, sneakers or bare feet.

Don't forget to bring positive vibes with you!