Enrollment, insurance and certificates

New students are accepted during the enrollment period. We employ a first come first served policy which means the students are accepted in the order they enroll. The students from the previous year have the preference, and new students are accepted if there is space in the classes. New classes/groups can be formed if necessary. The enrollment is valid for the whole year (both autumn and spring semesters). If the student wants to drop out or does not accept the space reserved, the teacher should be notified immediately. After attending 2 classes, the student is considered having accepted the space reserved. Thus he/she is liable to pay the tuition fee in full. Already paid tuition fees will not be refunded, and reimbursement in case of absence can only be offered if the student provides a doctor's certificate.

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Please make sure you have a valid insurance. The students are not insured by Hurja Piruetti. 

The purpose of the evaluation is to advance the student in his/her studies. The evaluation is carried out by encouraging the student and discussing with him/her. In early age, the feedback is carried our by informing the whole group and discussing with the parents. The students are encouraged to self-evaluation and the goals can be discussed together with the teacher.

Studies in other institutes are credited and included in the diploma if they have been carried out in an institute that is a member of the Association of the Dance Institutes in Finland, and that has the authority to provide the basic education in arts. The studies can also be credited if they have been previously accepted by a board set by an institute that is a member of the Association of Dance Institutes in Finland.

The curriculum consists of 500/1300 classes. See the basic and advanced syllabus.

Basic education in arts syllabus

Children's dance

  3 - 4-year-olds
  30 min / wk

Children's dance 1

  4 - 5-year-olds
  45 min / wk

Children's dance 2

  6 - 7-year-olds
  45 min / wk

Should the student require one, a certificate of achievement / mid-term report can be provided.