This autumn, almost 250 children and young people from Raseborg will participate in free basic art education projects organized by Hurja Piruetti in various schools in the area. During the school year, students get to try different forms of dance and circus art such as acrobatics, juggling, dance expressions, street dance, ballet, contemporary dance. During the project periods, more than 750 children and young people in the Raseborg region have participated in basic art education through our projects. A warm thank you to the culturally friendly schools in Raseborg for the enthusiastic and open reception. The collaboration with the school's principals and teachers has been versatile and rewarding.

Hurja Piruetti has carried out art accessibility projects in the Raseborg region as part of the Ministry of Education's top project for five years 2016-2020. During the projects, children and young people in our area have been offered free basic art education (dance and circus) during the school day or immediately after the school day. The purpose of the projects has been to promote cooperation between actors in children's culture and art education and those in schools and preschool education. We have tested local Curious school class projects and explored the possibilities of dancing in the teaching of different school subjects (mathematics, language, geography, mother tongue). In addition, language projects are underway, e.g. In collaboration with Tako ry, the project Art in Bilingualism and the research project Dance Language in collaboration with the dissertation researcher Kaisa Korpinen (University of Turku)