The Government decides on a hybrid strategy to manage the coronavirus crisis and for gradual lifting of restrictions(4.5.2020).

Restrictions for the organization of basic art education are valid until 13 May 2020, after which the premises of educational institutions

can be opened for contact teaching, taking into account gathering restrictions, safety distances and hygiene instructions.

Hurja Piruettis students have participated in distance learning between 13.3 - 3.5.2020. In distance learning, we have utilized digital learning environments, training videos developed by teachers, as well as e-mail and zoom lessons.

The springshow (2-week festival) has been postponed to the fall. With the new instructions, Hurja Piruetti will offer open classes in acrobatics, children's dance, ballet, contemporary dance and street dance at the end of May from 18 - 29 of May 2020, with special arrangements. Classes are announced at our communication channels (FB, IG, emails and text messages).

There is pre-registration for the classes. The number of participants is limited. More detailed instructions will be sent to all students.
More information from the Prime Minister's Office can be found below (VNK 4.5.2020)

Plan for phasing out restrictions

Guidelines from the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Department of Health and Welfare to organizers of education and early childhood education during a coronavirus epidemic (THL 4.5.2020)


Guidelines from the Ministry of education and Culture of the Department of Health and Welfare