Hello Hurja Piruettis dancers, circus students and acrobats and parents!


The long-awaited fall season kicks off. To make the training comfortable, work together according to the instructions below.

We pay special attention during classes, e.g. hygiene, enhanced cleaning and compliance with safety distance. We have also instructed our staff to act in an emergency. When coming to class, please also follow the general instructions of THL and the government for dealing with a corona epidemic. Read the instructions below carefully. The teacher instructs further if necessary. More information about the organization of basic art education is also available on the Ministry of Education's website.

Hurja Piruetti's instructions and safety rules are based on the guidelines and recommendations from THL and the city of Raseborg. Current news and changes related to the corona situation will be announced as soon as possible on the school's website and social media channels.


Following the instructions requires that all students be diligent, responsible and if necessary willing to help friends.


Travel and if you get sick

  • It is of the utmost importance that no child or adult comes to the exercises ill or with symptoms. Infectious diseases must be kept at home. For safety reasons, a student who is ill, even in the middle of the lesson, must be taken home immediately for safety reasons. Take special care if you or someone close to you has symptoms of a respiratory infection (cough, sore throat, fever, shortness of breath, muscle aches, stomach upset and headache). You can find more information about symptoms of coronavirus disease and how to seek treatment on the Raseborg City website.
  • The guardian or the adult is responsible for assessing the student's state of health before participating in the dance class. If you are not sure if the student's symptoms require absence, contact your doctor.
  • If a student or employee has traveled abroad in high-risk countries, we require that he or she be quarantined for two weeks before returning to classes. Information on travel-related recommendations and high-risk countries is available on the Ministry for Foreign Affairs' website.


A safe school

  • At the dance school, we follow appropriate hygiene and safety rules to protect ourselves from possible infections.
  • Safety distances: We take safety distances into account when planning educational content.
  • To avoid congestion in the corridors and in front of the classrooms, we try to avoid staying in the corridors and being outside the dance school or outside the classroom. We therefore ask that your own lessons begin and end correctly. The same guidelines apply to the guardian who takes their children to dance, acrobatics and circus classes.


Hand hygiene

  • We take hygiene very seriously. Students are advised to wash their hands when entering the dance school and before leaving home. When we cough and sneeze, we do it in the sleeve or in a paper towel that is immediately thrown in the trash, after which our hands must be washed. Of course, hand washing is also important in the toilet after a visit, and the toilet is flushed with the lid closed.
  • For hygienic reasons, it is not desirable to handle your own items (such as mobile phones and backpacks) during a dance class. Your belongings will be stored in a safe space assigned to each classroom for the lesson and will not be touched without good reason. Please take care of your own drinking bottle. Everyone should have their own personal drinking bottle, towels and cutlery.
  • We will make sure that there is not enough soap, towels, disinfectants and paper towels for daily use for teachers and students.



  • Teaching spaces are often cleaned and surfaces are thoroughly dried. Teachers remind students of safety instructions as often as possible.
  • The most important instructions are also summarized on the institute's walls, from where they can be repeated.
  • You can ask your teacher in your teaching group for more detailed instructions on lesson-specific methods


Exceptions and tuition fees

  • Hurja Piruetti Västra Nylands Dance Institutet's main goal is to implement teaching as contact teaching in accordance with the curricula.
  • If possible exceptional circumstances begin, the school is prepared to switch to distance education for safety reasons, if the city of Raseborg and THL consider it better. In distance education, content and tasks are done for dance, acrobatics and circus teaching at home under the guidance of the responsible distance teacher.
  • The transition to exceptional teaching arrangements is not a reason for cancellation of tuition fees for toddlers and children as well as for basic art education.


Principal Katja Köngäs answers questions and inquiries related to the corona situation: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.